Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Featured Fibre Artist .... Interviewed by Joan Beswick

Artist: Vera MacInnis


I know Vera from Yoga class. She’s an elegant , poised woman who glides easily from one posture to another, a tall supple sort  who can focus and flex with the best.  However, Vera focuses on far more than yoga. She is also a well known fibre artist with a stash of recycled materials that she turns into highly collectible crazy quilts, traditional quilts, hooked wall hangings and mats.  Indeed, as you can see, Vera can not only do the ‘tree posture’, she can also create its fibre arts equivalent.


Her materials come from many sources ... Frenchie’s bins, friends’ wool cast-offs, upholstery samples, Dayle’s fabric department.  Vera’s ‘stash’ is well-sorted; and, although the shelves are full, her studio reflects an artist with an organized mind, an eclectic approach, and a great eye for possibilities.
Indeed, she finds inspiration ‘everywhere’  -  hooking with friends, looking at nature, popping into Deanne Fitzpatrick’s studio, talking to children, reflecting on life and its many gifts. She began quilting in 1995, added crazy quilts in 2003, and moved on to hooking in 2000.  While she still does some very precise quilting, Vera also enjoys the ‘forgiving’ nature of appliqué and rug hooking where a mistake is easily camouflaged or corrected. Her fibre art is diverse, and as can be seen below, her creations reflect a wide variety of motifs, styles, and eras.

Classic Traditional Hooked Rug

Paper Doll Mat Made for Great Niece


Hankee Quilt Made with Grandmother’s Hankee
Crazy Quilt



Modern Circle Rug

King Sized Bed Quilt: “David’s Cabin”

As with most fibre artists, Vera’s feels her work has evolved over time. Although she still loves traditional styles and forms, she is drawn to vibrancy and colour in more recent work.

Vera will share her passion for fibre during the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst this year. On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, she will offer a “Crazy Quilt” workshop at the First Baptist Church, 90 Victoria Street East. For a cost of $45, participants will learn to make and embellish crazy quilt squares. Although quilting experience is not necessary, participants will require some basic sewing skills. For further details or to register, contact Jennifer by phone at

902-667-0876, or by e-mail at

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