Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Winning Weaving Combo

A Winning Weaving Combo
By: Joan Beswick 
Enthusiasm and energy – the vibes were great in the side room at festival headquarters when Patty Chasse, consummate fibre artist and weaving instructor, introduced me to her star pupil, Jane Jorgensen. Patty is an accomplished weaver who makes fine silk and bamboo scarves and shawls, table linens, towels and other items for the home. She creates all her own designs and is a juried member of the New Brunswick Craft Council, a member of the Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers and the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners. She is also the representative for the Maritimes for both the Handweavers Guild of America and Complex Weavers.

Jane is a nurse who is looking forward to having more time for fibre arts in her upcoming retirement. She is a talented fibre artist who spins and knits and creates comfy and colourful fibre works.

According to Patty, Jane has ‘good hands’, a compliment indeed coming from her accomplished instructor. When I visited, Jane had completed the initial teacher-planned project, and moved on to more ambitious weaving on a four-harness teaching loom, an instrument similar to a loom she has at home. 

Jane attributed her success to Patty’s calm manner, expert knowledge, and the excellent instructional book she created for the class. This book described different types of looms, demonstrated threading and repairing, and offered ‘point by point’ instructions on the process of weaving. 

To this author - a total novice without ‘good hands’ - weaving has always seemed intimidating, both because of the complexity of the skill and the intricacy of the machinery. Jane’s experience suggests that Patty may just be the person to dispel that notion – a skilled weaver who loves her craft and takes great joy in sharing it with others. 

At the 2012 festival, Patti and Jane formed a winning weaving combo and we look forward to seeing them again at the 2013 festival. We also highly recommend a visit to Patty’s studio in Wood Point, N.B.  On Saturday, October 15, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, she will be hosting a ‘Luxury Handwovens Studio Tour’. Those who went last year say it was also a winning weaving combo - the natural beauty of the  setting and Patty’s fabulous fibre artistry – a ‘must do’ for festival goers whatever their craft!

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