Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Festival 2012: 'Hook-In' and 'History of Hooked Rugs'

Festival 2012:  ‘Hook-in’ 
‘History of Hooked Rugs’

By: Joan Beswick

In every organization, on every committee, there are a few individuals who go the extra mile. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their energy boundless, and no task is too formidable. The Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival has the good fortune of having such people among their committee members. This past fall, two of these committee members, Lynn O’Brien-Lines and Dianne Bacon, contributed to the organization of a ‘hook-in’ for the last day of the Festival. 
Lynn O'Brien-Lines
Dianne Bacon

In addition to bringing almost a hundred ‘hookers’ together for creative socialization, 

and providing an opportunity to exhibit their wares,

this ‘hook-in’ featured a ‘history of hooked rugs’.  To bring this exhibit to fruition, Lynn and Dianne scoured the region, followed up on stories they’d heard from fellow artisans who hooked together during the year, and made numerous contacts with people they’d never met. The resulting exhibit contained antique rugs, story mats (some with their own histories), hooked portraits, old rug hooking books, vintage patterns, and a collection of antique hooks.

Antique Hooked Rug

Story Mat
Hooked Portrait
Old Rug Hooking Books

Vintage Patterns
Collection of Antique Hooks
William Blake described energy as ‘eternal delight’  - the energy donated by Lynn and Dianne in bringing together this exhibit certainly brought delight to many – and it vibrantly illustrated the historical duality of rug hooking, a craft of necessity to warm cold floors and an art form to chronicle the lives of its makers.

The 'history of hooked rugs' exhibit was a highlight of Festival 2012 ... thanks to all who contributed .... and special kudos to Lynn and Dianne for their inspiration and ‘energy’ in bringing it all together!

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