Tuesday, 5 March 2013

'Hands in Motion'

'Hands in Motion'
Featured Fibre Artist: Gertie Hollis 
By Joan Beswick

Gertie (in red) and Joan Ralph discuss embroidery stitches.
Gertie Hollis delighted and amazed visitors to her embroidery demonstration at festival headquarters. She’s been doing fibre arts for quite some time, and you name it, she can do it - tatting, embroidery (including hardanger), crocheting, hooking, felting, making bobbin lace - and so much more.


Her aunts did needle work, and beginning at an early age, Gertie demonstrated an aptitude as well. And she has continued to refine her skills and learn new techniques. Her hardanger pieces have been grand champions at the Atlantic Winter Fair, and she continues to make lace for dresses, tatted earrings, and crocheted necklaces.
Sample of Tatted Earrings

Sample of Crocheted Necklace

At the demonstration, Gertie chatted amiably with visitors, pointed out stitches in a revered stitchery book she’s had for many years, and moved her hands so quickly it was impossible for the camera to focus on them.
Gertie's 'hands in motion'

‘Hands in motion’, Gertie made it all seem so effortless even though her productivity and creativity are remarkable. Watching her, I was reminded of a quote by PBS interviewer, Charlie Rose, who said that ‘knowing a lot .... is a springboard to creativity’.  Gertie sure does know a lot – and that knowledge inspires her to keep learning, creating, and sharing.  We are so fortunate to be able to learn from her, and we truly appreciate her contribution to the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival.  

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