Monday, 10 February 2014

Reflections: 2013 Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival

Going Sideways: A Practical Playful Approach to Design

Instructor: Cathia Finkel

Cathia Finkel's workshop was offered at Deanne Fitzpatrick's Studio on Friday, Oct. 18. Cathia set the stage, provided the materials, and encouraged participants to explore media, innovate in a supportive setting, and enjoy the creative process. An inventive buzz pervaded the studio. One participant's comments echoed the collective sentiment:
 "this is so relaxing .... cutting, pasting, playing with colour and shape ....
it looks like kindergarten but feels so dynamic .... and makes me so happy."

Cathia Finkel and 'Going Sideways' Participants

Thanks to Cathia for setting the stage and guiding the process ....
"Going Sideways" was a great success!

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